Rhythm N Ruach with Auntie A

Why Choose Rhythm 'N' Ruach?

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 ‘Rhythm ‘N Ruach,’ I knew within five minutes that this television program belonged on JLTV. Shelley and Adrienne’s energy and enthusiasm jump right off the screen and I cannot wait for our audience to dance and sing to ‘Rhythm ‘N Ruach.’”  

Brad Pomerance, Senior Vice President of Programming, Jewish Life Television; Los Angeles, CA

"We took our 3 & 1 year olds to one of these sessions, and it was amazing! Adrienne did such a great job of keeping the kids engaged through the music and dancing. Having it all revolve around Judaism was the icing on the cake. Almost 2 weeks after we attended, my 3 year old said to me, “I want to go to temple and sing and dance like we did with Auntie.” This is a great program that I recommend to all families!"

Mike Rosenthal, Denver, CO

"My children (4, 3, & 1), all love Rhythm 'N' Ruach, and so do I. It is so engaging we are never ready to leave. It is affordable and high quality. My children ask to go every day. To top it off they adore Auntie A! I can't recommend this program enough!" 

Ahuvyah Kjeldergaard, Silver Spring, MD

You know you're doing a great job shaping young minds when the kids come and continue what you have taught them.... and to think they don't even see you daily... My sons spontaneously burst into song and the Hallelu song was his song of choice!!

Oneg Levy Feuer, Silver Spring, MD

"Rhythm 'N' Ruach reaches and delights the little ones. They find an instrument that makes them smile. They share the instruments with the others. It’s a great program for parallel and collaborative play. 

Most of all, it’s FUN." 

Carolyn 'Tanta T' Teich, Silver Spring, MD  

"A fun filled musical experience. Our baby, 3 year old and 5 year old all love it!! . Love the Jewish content too." 

Rebecca Aaronson, Silver Spring, MD

"My four year old LOVES Auntie A and had so much fun!" 

Raquel Schwartz, Gaithersburg, MD

"Auntie A is a phenomenal child educator full of warmth and enthusiasm for connecting with little people. My 12 month old loves her fun, interactive Rhythm 'N' Ruach class. He particularly loves getting his hands on a wide array of musical instruments, from small egg shakers, to large hand drums, switching to different instruments throughout the class to hold his interest. The class is great for engaging older toddlers and children as well. It incorporates some Hebrew words in the songs, some yoga poses, and lots of music and movement. Highly recommended!"

Jamie Rosen, Washington, DC

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