Rhythm N Ruach with Auntie A

About 'Auntie A'

Adrienne 'Auntie A' Suson is a licensed Rhythm 'N' Ruach facilitator, and marketing director. it was easy for Adrienne to follow her passion toward a career in Jewish education, with a background steeped in synagogue life, music, and love for children & animals. She started working as a volunteer for youth care and development programs at many Colorado synagogues and non-profit organizations while in high school. Her early experience as a preschool teacher motivated extensive study leading to a degree in Human Development, with an emphasis in early childhood education. Through her unique and effective “outside of the box” approach, positive attitude, defined focus on secular and religious curriculum, scheduling, and classroom management & structure, she assisted in upgrading her preschool’s Colorado licensing rating.

Adrienne holds accreditations in Rhythm 'N' Ruach & Yoga Yeladim; two programs committed to children’s music, mindfulness and Jewish education. She is also a certified Early Childhood Education Director, religious school teacher, storyteller, and songwriter. 

Adrienne is known as a sensitive, talented and musical educator who has successfully worked with and maintained good relationships with adults and children of all ages. She has a wide range of experience and is able to engage and influence young minds while stimulating interest in all things Jewish. 

Her love for animals manifested itself into ownership of a well-respected pet-sitting company together with an added degree and certification as a Veterinary Technician, alongside working as a preschool teacher and later, assistant director. 

She is highly motivated with a sincere passion for community, love of Israel, strong sense of tikkun olam (repairing the world), and our heritage. Up-to-date use of social media helps keep us connected. Let’s get connected! Please call, email or text Adrienne so that you can meet, get to know each other, and work together to spark our 'pintele yid' (Jewish flame), and building a strong united community.

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